Cat and Dog Wellness Exams in Homewood, AL to Keep Pets Healthy for Years to Come

Routine veterinary care in the form of annual, and sometimes biannual, pet wellness exams help your loved one live healthier and longer in Homewood, AL. A lot can happen in a year and though we wish our pets had longer lifespans, a year in dog and cat years amounts to a greater amount of time than in human years. Whether you have a puppy, a kitten, an adolescent cat, or a senior dog, pets of all ages need comprehensive health checks for preventive prescriptions, testing, and services. If you're unsure of what life stage your pet is in, ask us! Here at Nall Daniels Animal Hospital in Homewood, we're happy to advise you on the level of care your four-legged friend needs.

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Your Adult Dog & Cat: Keep Them the Healthiest Years

For the most part, after one year of age, pets have sufficiently grown into themselves enough to be considered adults. But even if your pet doesn't act very "adult-like," they are generally at their healthiest at this time until they become senior aged. However, although your pet is at their healthiest, they still require veterinary care. You'll want to keep them happy and healthy through annual physical wellness exams and preventive veterinary care. After a younger pet has completed several rounds of booster shots, we still have to update vaccinations every one to three years. Furthermore, if your pet frequently travels or are outdoors often, they may require lifestyle specific vaccinations to fully protect them. Routine health checks and diagnostic testing alert us to health concerns often before they become larger and harder to treat illnesses. Remember, the value of your pet's health cannot be compared to the cost of preventive care and more extensive treatments are costlier when this care is neglected.

Your Senior Dog & Cat: Making the Most Out of the Golden Years

As your beloved pet grows older, your bond grows stronger but they also become vulnerable to age-related conditions. Therefore, we advise our clients with senior pets to visit us at least twice a year to keep a close eye on their health. While modern veterinary medicine has increased the life expectancy of cats and dogs, age-related conditions can progress rapidly. With biannual exams and additional diagnostic testing to alert us to concerns, we are able to manage a large variety of common senior conditions. Treatments for arthritis, dental disease, obesity, and more can greatly increase the quality of life for your senior cat or dog.

Wellness Exams for Cats in Homewood, AL

The exact age pets are considered senior varies by size and breed of pet, especially for dogs. While smaller dogs and cats may be considered senior at around 10 years old, a large dog may be considered one by five or six years old. If you're ever unsure of the level of care your four-legged friend needs, give us a call at (205) 879-3409 or request an appointment online! We're happy to advise you on your pet's unique needs at their next nose-to-tail exam.