What You Need to Know About Cat and Dog Vaccinations in Homewood

Dog and cat vaccinations protect pets from highly contagious diseases that can greatly reduce their quality of life. In extreme cases, the diseases dog and cat vaccinations defend against can even shorten their lives and affect us, as people, in more ways than one. Rabies vaccination for cats and dogs is required by law due to its prevalence in wildlife and the danger it poses to pets and people. At Nall Daniels Animal Hospital in Homewood, we care for all our patients and never want to see lives cut short unnecessarily. We recommend standard "core" vaccines for all our patients and customize vaccine plans according to individual needs and lifestyles.

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Lifestyle Dog and Cat Vaccines

Dog and cat vaccines, like so many other medical services, are not one-size-fits-all. When you visit with your cat or dog for a comprehensive examination, we carefully assess their needs. We look at your pet's travel tendencies and exposure to other possibly unvaccinated animals when determining vaccine plans. If your dog frequents dog parks, which are highly recommended for socialization, they will likely benefit from vaccination against canine influenza. Boarded dogs must be protected against Bordetella, an upper respiratory bacterial infection. If your dog travels with you to other parts of the country with higher incidences of Lyme disease, we may recommend the Lyme vaccine. For barn cats or others that are frequently outdoors, we may recommend additional vaccines to keep them healthy. Please schedule an exam for your cat or dog today to talk more in-depth on pet vaccinations.  *we don’t do the canine influenza vaccine*